Raw fig cake

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Authentic Croatian Fig Delicacy. Traditionally called “smokvenjak”.

This no-bake 100% organic cake contains only hand-picked figs, grown and dried under the Mediterranean sun, a touch of almonds and a drop of citrus juice – nothing else! 

Based on an old family recipe and packed with nutrients, vitamins and fibre, this natural energy booster is your perfect dessert, breakfast on-the-go, afternoon snack or cut into thin slices that accompanies excellent wine and cheese. 

Raw Fig Cake is both healthy and yummy.

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Your perfect breakfast or snack all on their own, or chop over your favorite salad. 

Gastro use: surprise your guest with a special appetiser alongside aperitives or dessert wine. Or the classic combination with cheeses is one of our all time favorite ways to work with. Blue, brie or goat cheese should be your first pick, as they tend to meld into greater flavor experience.  

96% dry fig , 3% almond, 0,5% orange juice, 0,5% lemon juice

NET: 250 g *Ecological farming


AVERAGE CURRENT VALUES ON 100g PRODUCT Energy value: 1192/305 kcal Fats 9g of which saturated 0.1g Carbohydrates 62g of which sugars are 60g Fibers 14g Proteins 36g Salt 0,1g, Potassium 340 mg / 17% PU ALERGIN: The products contains almonds and sulfites *ecological Storage:Keep in clear and suitable place 

Best to use: 6 months from production date

3 reviews for Raw fig cake

  1. Brienne

    Delicious and healthy! A natural delight worth the price.

  2. Natalie Regazzoni (verified owner)

    Bought this for myself and as a gift. This is a treat for any fig lover. Very tasty and there is a refreshing hint of citrus in it.

  3. Marco

    Very tasty and marries well with Brie cheese.

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