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About Healthy, Organic Food & the Figura Brand

Hello food lovers, and welcome to the Figura web shop!

I founded Figura with a mission to bring the best of the Mediterranean to people living in Asia who want to pursue a healthy lifestyle and enjoy tasty food. After years of travelling and living in different countries around the globe, I settled in Hong Kong with my husband and children. We fell in love with this vibrant city, but as much as I enjoy Asian spices and local cuisine, I always struggled to find good quality olive oils and I missed the scents and tastes of Croatia. The products that I would typically find on the market were not even close to the quality that I enjoyed back home.

My own experience was the main drive behind the sole distributing company, CroGourmet, which I founded in 2017 to import the best of authentic, fine food products from Croatia into the Asian market. Soon after, I was happy to learn that the Asian market loves Croatian delicacies just as much as I do! That encouraged me to take the next step and make my dream come true – start my own food brand.

Figura unites my three big passions: figs, chocolate and olive oil. I joined forces with some of my best suppliers and producers in Croatia with the intention of creating something new – a line of products that will be authentic, organic and healthy. My vision was to include ingredients that are farmed in areas without water or air pollution, with no chemical treatments, and processed in traditional techniques that keep their naturally rich flavours. I found everything I needed in my homeland and soon after, Figura was born.

I’m excited for this journey and I hope you will join me. Take your tastebuds to Europe’s sunny south, under the shade of a beautiful fig tree, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. I promise you’ll love it!

Truly yours,
Tijana Maretic

About the Adriatic Fig in Figura Fig Delights

The fig is one of the oldest fruits consumed by humans, rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, as well as taste, energy, medical benefits and cultural heritage. Its shape, which reminds one of a female womb, inspired the symbolic associations linked to fertility, safety and prosperity.

Among the many types of fig, the Adriatic Fig is especially known for its supreme taste, with a naturally high sugar content, which is why they are often eaten fresh. Because of their light green skin they are sometimes called ‘white figs’ and their red flesh inside is delightful and creamy.

The Adriatic fig is native to Croatia. For centuries, we have used traditional sun-drying techniques to preserve this fruit for winter months, and those are still practiced to this day. No sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavours are added and that’s exactly how we use them in our products: hand-picked and sun-dried.

Try Adriatic figs in our Raw Fig Cake and Bar, made like no other – in a traditional manner that follows an old recipe developed by a local family. Based on decades of experience, this treat is almost completely made of organic figs and pure love. This is a delicious and healthy snack, breakfast-to-go, or a hiking companion; very nutritious and energy-boosting. You won’t go wrong if you choose our Fig Jam, with only 3% of added sugar, or simple and tasty raw sun-dried figs.


About Artisan Chocolates in Unusual Combinations

If you’re a true chocolate fan, you won’t be able to resist them: Figura 70% dark chocolate delights (which also means more iron and magnesium) are carefully crafted to satisfy the biggest gourmets and boost your endorphins for more happiness throughout the day.
Their authentic, premium-quality is the result of artisan techniques used by an award-winning chocolatier from Croatia and 100% organic, guilt-free ingredients of supreme taste.
Made of the finest cocoa beans, our bean-to-bar chocolates include additions that are typical to the Mediterranean and Croatia, but in unexpected combinations of tastes.

Figs & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This chocolate is made with a ‘power couple’: healthy polyphenols from the Figura Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the antioxidants naturally found in dark chocolate.

Almonds & Lavender
This healthy chocolate bar comes with a hint of the magical lavender that evokes serenity. Combined with crunchy almonds, its fusion of tastes will calm your mind and nurture your body.

Flower of Sea Salt
The taste of chocolate becomes more intense if you sprinkle it with Croatia’s finest Flower of Salt. Made from a thin layer of crystals from the sea surface, it is known as the healthiest and most precious type of salt. From the Adriatic Sea’s blue wave crest straight to the surface of this fine bean-to-bar chocolate – and your delight.

About the Best Kept Secret in the World’s Best Olive Oil Region

According to renowned industry expert, Flos Olei, the Croatian peninsula of Istria has been recognized as the world’s best olive oil region for seven years in a row! Figura’s Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil originates from Istria, where olives have been cultivated since ancient Roman times.

Often overlooked on the market that mostly knows Greek and Spanish olive oils, Croatian olive oil from Istria has a supreme taste thanks to its unique climate conditions. The secret lies in early harvest and lower temperatures in Istria, which give a shorter vegetation period for the olive trees, so the oil accumulation in its fruit begins later than in southern regions. When summer heat waves strike southern areas, the fruit already contains oil, so the high temperatures cause a considerable decrease in their quality. In Istria, the accumulation of oil begins after the period of great heats, so it doesn’t affect the quality of the olive oil. This results in the premium quality of Istrian extra virgin olive oils, known for their intense flavour and elegant aromas.

Figura’s Extra Virgin Olive Oils are made from freshly picked, best-quality olive fruits and processed with some of the most advanced and refined olive oil-making techniques in the world. Our partner Chiavalon has a highly advanced oil mill and specializes in high-standard biodynamic growing techniques.

Rich in antioxidants and with strong anti-inflammatory properties, olive oil supports your healthy lifestyle. Try our Ultimate Elixir Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made from freshly harvested olives produced during the first three days of early harvest. Or our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil with over 450mg/kg of polyphenol content (as measured at the time of harvest), which is almost 10 times more than an average “extra virgin olive oil” bottle that you can buy in the local supermarket (which contains only 50 mg/kg)!