70% dark chocolate with figs and extra virgin olive oil


Enjoy this unique combination of 70% dark chocolate with best Adriatic dried figs and a hint of premium extra virgin olive oil. Powerful polyphenols in Figura Extra virgin olive oil boost the antioxidants naturally found in dark chocolate. In addition to that, our Figura dark (meaning also more iron and magnesium) is your guilt free indulgance and makes you happier through the day.

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Our Figura Dark Chocolate bars are the perfect sweet treat all on their own at the end of a meal.  But also is an amazing treat crumbling in a few pieces over morning oatmeal, smoothie, yogurt or afternoon ice cream.

While our guidelines may enhance your experience, there’s no “right, or wrong” way to taste chocolate. Remember, the best chocolate is the one you like the most. No two people perceive aroma or taste flavors exactly the same way, and even texture can differ from one palate to another. Your individual chocolate palate evolves and sharpens over time with experience.
Pinch your nose: bite and let melt, discover the basic tastes. Release your nose and take a deep breath: focus on the aromatic notes. Move the chocolate against your palate, chew: explore the mouthfeel. In-between chocolates, drink water to neutralize your palate.”

organic cocoa mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic figs 5%, organic extra virgin olive oil 2 % , organic soya lecithin, organic  vanilla. Cocoa solids 70%. Produced in a facility that also handles dairy and nuts.

Nutritional info: 100g energy: 578kcal/2401kJ fats: 42g of which saturated 25g carbohydrates: 36,3g; sugar 28,6g, proteins 9,1g, salt 0,01g Net w. 50g 

Storage: Best stored refrigerated below 25°C.

Shelf life: 12 months from production date.


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